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Coaching a junior touch football team has many ups and downs, but can be one of the most rewarding experiences!

Parents expect you to be a role model to their kids, to be teaching them the right things, and to be setting a great example for them to develop into great adults; being an accredited touch football coach is just one part of that!

Since 2015, all coaches of junior touch football teams in Townsville have been required to be accredited through the Touch Football Australia coaching framework, to a minimum FOUNDATION level.

Becoming accredited is easy and is done and two parts:

  1. Completion of an online coaching course through the Australian Sports Commission; and
  2. Completion of the Touch Football Australia Foundation Coach course.

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Step One: The Online Coaching Course 

The Australian Sports Commission's Community Coaching General Principles online course has been developed to assist coaches to learn the basic skills of coaching, particularly those coaches working with children.

The course is currently free of charge to Australian coaches.

The course contains four modules, covering a range of general coaching topics including; the role and responsibilities expected of a coach, planning, safety, working with parents, communication, group management and inclusive coaching practices. It takes approximately four hours to complete, and there is assessment included at the end of each module.

It all starts with an online coaching course through the Australian Sports Commission.

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Step Two: The TFA Foundation Coach course

To achieve accreditation as a touch football coach, your next step is to attend and complete a Foundation Coach course workshop, presented by one of our experienced coaching course facilitators.

NQ Touch in partnership with the Townsville Castle Hill Touch Association provide these courses for free to all members of our association.

The workshop runs for six hours and is strongly focused on practical learning. Participants will cover several topics including:

  • Coaching Processes
  • Foundation-level Player Skills:
    • Movement
    • Catching & Passing
    • Rollball & Rucking
    • Attack & Defence
  • Foundation Game Concepts & Strategies
  • Planning for Coaching

The next step starts by registering to attend a Foundation Coach course.

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