Townsville Touch Football

Touch football in Townsville is conducted under the governance of the Townsville Castle Hill Touch Association Inc., trading as "Townsville Touch Football" (TTF).

Adult/open-age competitions are managed directly by TTF, while junior-age (16 and under) competitions are managed by a sub-committee known as Townsville Junior Touch Football (TJT).

TTF operates a club-based open-age competition, a mixed open-age competition and a veterans (over-age) from March to August, as well as separate (non-club) mixed, men's and women's competitions from September to December, each year.

Information about adult/open-age competitions can be found on the TTF website -

TJT conducts club-based mixed competitions for ages 14 and under from March to June, and separate club-based boys and girls competitions from ages 16 and under from late August to early December, each year.

Junior competition information can be found right here on